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Santa Madalena Clinic offers the latest in digital X-ray technology.

Alongside meticulous clinical examination, X-rays are an excellent aid for ensuring correct diagnosis and planning of treatment. 

Digital X-rays

Our X-ray equipment enables the two-dimensional imaging and diagnosis of each tooth.

These X-rays are known as periapical and enable the assessment of the condition of the alveolar bone and the teeth. They offer the advantage of providing extremely sharp high-resolution images of specific areas before, during and after intervention, and are widely used in all kinds of dental treatment, particularly in root canal treatment, restoration and orthodontics.

Radiografia Digital 

Panoramic digital radiography

This type of X-ray equipment provides an overview of total patient dentition in a single exposure, and is commonly referred to as orthopantomography.

Radiografia Panorâmica 

Lateral teleradiography

This kind of X-ray enables cephalometric analysis, indicating an increase or decrease in the vertical dimension, the size of the jawbones, developmental abnormalities and positioning, and is extremely useful in planning orthodontic treatment.

3D X-rays

Three-dimensional X-ray images are the latest development deriving from panoramic radiography.

When the panoramic X-rays do not provide enough information, 3D X-rays are recommended, enabling multiple axial sections of the jaw which are then formatted using special software for the creation of cross-sectional and panoramic images.

Our innovative technology producing 3D images enables faster and improved planning of surgery and implants. The advantages for the patient are:

• Security;

• Low cost;

• Low radiation;

• Fast diagnosis.

Radiologia 3D