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Orthodontics is the field of dental medicine that involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems caused by teeth that do not work together harmoniously due to their malpositioning or that of the jaws. The first step towards treatment is cephalometric analysis of profile radiography, analysis of dental impressions, examination of photographs, and investigation of the patient’s medical history. A decision is then made on what type of device should be used: removable or fixed and/or biomechanical. The length of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors and can take months or years; the average is 1½  to 2 years. Good dental alignment enables the correct alignment of arches, improving the appearance of the teeth and face, as well as occlusal and functional enhancement. Improved dental occlusion means that the pressures exerted on the teeth are distributed more evenly, protecting them from gum, bone and ligament damage.