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Fixed Prosthesis

Fixed Prosthesis is the field of dental medicine concerned with the partial or total restoration of a tooth crown by means of a prosthesis placed on the previously prepared natural tooth and/or dental implants, and cannot be removed by the patient. A prosthesis may also be used to replace one or more broken teeth. Fixed prostheses may be crowns or bridges whose aim is to reproduce dentition in the most natural way.

When the roots of teeth are in good condition but the crown is broken and/or has been restored and is not expected to last much longer, crowns are a good solution.

A crown enables the artificial covering of a tooth that has been partially or totally destroyed. Crowns may also be recommended for the protection of devitalised or broken teeth, or where extensive reconstruction has already been carried out.

They may also be indicated where an improvement is required in the appearance, shape or alignment of the teeth in the dental arch.

A fixed prosthesis is the ideal solution in terms of comfort and appearance where few teeth remain. Where small spaces exist between teeth which offer good functional supports, a bridge may be recommended.

Bridges replace one or more missing teeth and are supported by neighbouring teeth which are prepared in the same way as with crowns. A bridge is cemented in place and works just like natural teeth. In some cases, neighbouring teeth do not require crowns, bonded retainers serving as supports.

Fixed bridges are recommended for the following:

  • Replacing an extensive restoration when much of the natural tooth structure remains;

  • Protecting a tooth weakened through breakage;

  • Increasing retention and support for a skeletal removable prosthesis;

  • Replacing a missing tooth by placing the bridge on a dental implant;

  • Coating a tooth to change the colour or shape;

  • Protecting devitalised teeth where the remaining tooth structure is weakened;

  • Replacing missing teeth.

Crowns and bridges behave like natural teeth so the same attention to hygiene and care is required.

At Santa Madalena Clinic we are keen to provide guidance on hygiene and care to ensure your course of treatment is successful.