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Social Responsibility

At Santa Madalena Clinic we have long shown a concern for acting for the benefit of society at large.
Aware of the difficulty of access to oral health care that cancer patients and disadvantaged children experience, we encourage staff to provide their services to those most in need and to this end we have entered into ongoing cooperation agreements with several different bodies:
- Helping cancer sufferers, we support organisations such as Acreditar and União Humanitária dos Doentes com Cancro (Cancer Humanitarian Organisation)

-  Providing support to children, we are the principal participants in the Projecto Dr. Risadas, a joint initiative involving Entreajuda and the Associação Mundo a Sorrir and several of our dentists collaborate on the Projecto Dentista do Bem, providing regular treatment for children up to the age of 18.

All of us - dentists, dental assistants and receptionists - are committed to the success of these projects. Every day we provide our support with dedication and affection.


Social projects

ACREDITAR - Associação de Pais e Amigos de Crianças com Cancro


The goal is to offer children with cancer the same opportunities as those without life-threatening conditions, contribute towards their enjoyment of psychological and physical health, and help them grow up in the right way.




ENTRAJUDA is a private charitable institution that aims to provide support to other such bodies in the field of organisation and management with a view to improving their performance and efficiency for the benefit of those in need. It has carried out several projects, including the Clown Dentist Project carried out jointly with the ASSOCIAÇÃO MUNDO A SORRIR (THE WORLD WITH A SMILE ASSOCIATION). The project provides access to dental care for many children and young people and contributes towards the creation of healthy habits.


Projecto Dr. Risadas


This project involves a group of volunteer dentists who provide ongoing dental care at their surgeries for children receiving support from charitable institutions, thereby ensuring their regular access to oral health care.

The main focus of the project is dental prevention and treatment, essential for the healthy development and growth of children. The dentists involved not only treat dental problems but also teach children how to brush their teeth and raise awareness among families as to behaviour conducive to good oral health.


Projecto Dentista do Bem

Dentista do Bem

Santa Madalena Clinic helps to bring smiles back to the faces of young people in Portugal with the Projecto Dentista do Bem. The project involves voluntary work carried out by a network of dentists who provide treatment at their own surgeries free of charge to children and young people in care or in need aged 11 to 17 years.

For selected children, Santa Madalena Clinic provides treatment and check-ups until they reach the age of 18, looking after them and educating them on the importance of good oral health!


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