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Our mission, vision for the future and values

We strive to improve oral health care for our patients.

We want to be the best dental clinics group in Portugal.

These are our values:

1. QUALITY - of staff, facilities and services:

- A focus on customer convenience and satisfaction
- Our teams’ technical competence and multidisciplinary approach
- Excellence of equipment and materials
- Ongoing improvement of the organisation
- ISO 9001 certification since 2005
- Recognised by SINAS since 2013

2. METICULOUSNESS - of procedures and provision of services:

- Communication with patients
- Punctuality
- Fulfilling agreements with partner organisations
- Cleaning and sterilization
- Organisation and records
- Operational management

3. THE HUMAN DIMENSION - ever-present and constantly aware:

- Our relationship with staff, patients and partners
- Ethical standards
- Provision of oral health care to vulnerable groups

4. SUSTAINABILITY - aimed at safeguarding the future:

- A commitment to organisational and technical innovation, seeking competitiveness
- Constant investment in new facilities and equipment
- Minimisation of the environmental impact of our operations
- Goal-oriented management, with regularly measurement and publication of performance indicators
- Profit is not an end in itself: we are profit-oriented as far as achieving our mission is concerned